Angels We Have Heard…another Christmas bento

I was making lunch for my husband and I on Friday. Lunch for us usually consists of  hummus in some different flavor than the flavor we had the week before. This isn’t really a vegan thing, it’s an us thing. We find something we like and we have that every day for lunch until we try a new thing to love and have that instead. As long as that new thing is a sandwich type new thing of some sort. Even hot lunches every day are not going to go over that well. I’ve tried trust me. Actually forget what I just said the having the same thing every day is more of a my husband thing than it is a me thing, lol. But I go with it unless I break down and have left overs every so often instead. Before we become vegan our thing was turkey sandwiches with a new type of cheese every week, we’ve just replaced those with a new flavor of hummus now.

Yea that was a lot of info just to show you this plate I made up for my husband last week.hummus angel



His reaction was pretty much what I expected it to be.husbands with cute lunches


He did end up saying it was pretty tasty despite it’s cuteness.

He totally understood, ahem , that I had an idea while making our lunches that I had to try out. I was having leftovers on this day so he had to be the  guinea pig. It was for science…or something.

This is how idea got translated for the girl’s lunch:angels we have heard

They both had the same lunch but my oldest got smashed beans while my youngest had whole ones…As I type this I’m hoping that’s what happened. One of them likes beans whole the other doesn’t, at all. (Same beans minus one step but I guess it’s a texture thing? I have no idea.) I made both angels using a gingerbread man cutter.(my gingerdead cutter was used for the bigger one) a butterfly cutter and a tulip cookie cutter for the skirt. The little angel has a little bit of orange peel for a halo.

Are you fdoing themed lunches this year too? I’d love to see them…if you do themed lunches have you ever made one for some one way older than your kids?

Don’t feel too badly for the Goblin King by the way…he loves cute lunches really. :)

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3 Thoughts on “Angels We Have Heard…another Christmas bento

  1. Great angels! I can totally see my guy making a similar face! :) The kids would love this.. I’ve got to try doing something like the angel. Thanks for the idea and thanks for commenting on my post!
    Rachel @ bentos for a gaggle of girls recently posted..Penguins and Elves

  2. I love both angels! So funny to use cherry tomatoes for cheeks that I love it! I make cute lunches for anyone who will eat them. Usually they are happy to have food and I do love making cute themed food.
    Kathy recently posted..21 Ways to Play with Your Rice

  3. Thank you guys! :)

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