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The Engine 2 Challenge has gone pretty smoothly. I’ve had about three coffees this month-but that’s coming from a three coffee a day habit. I ate two things that weren’t really plant strong- a couple of slices of cheese less pizza from little Caesar’s and a veggie de-light sub from Subway. I’m not sure of the oil used for these items but they are both white flour and that’s not what we’re trying to eat this month. Whole wheat no oil is really what I’m striving for!
Both of those were eaten on crazy days where I just didn’t have time to fix something quick-could I have made better choices? Yes. I do plan to keep eating this way for the long run though, so I’m okay with slipping from time to time. Planning ahead helps a lot with keeping me on track.

I have some lunch ideas that I’m really liking and that I’m able to mix up a little from time to time.
1. Hummus,tomato,spinach sandwich made with Ezekiel bread or homemade,oil free bread.
2. Couscous mixed with hummus or avocado and then mixed with salad greens and other veggies.

3.Baked potato with nutritional yeast and veggies. This is a suggestion from the Engine 2 website and it’s really good!

4.Avocado or beans or hummus (or a little of all of things) plus salad on an oil free tortilla.

5. Leftovers-I’m making all of this delicious food for dinner and sometimes I make too much. I either have leftovers the next day or the day after that.


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