Epcot So this was the first time that my kids, my husband and I as a unit have ever spent away from my family during Christmas time. There have been times before that I myself have done this, and the effect of that was the same as what happened this time around. It didn’t really feel like Christmas. Maybe that’s the downside of having long standing traditions, I don’t know. That’s not to say Disneyworld wasn’t awesome or that I regret going it’s just that there was never that moment of It’s Christmas for me this time.

We went to Disneyworld during Christmas and not during spring break or summer vacations because myhusband and I share the philosophy that if there’s something you really want to do and you have the opportunity to do it then you do it. Right at that moment because things can happen at any moment. Things can change at any moment. We aren’t really willing to wait if that makes sense? We don’t want to regret not doing things.

Did I feel guilty about going? Yep. And I don’t know if going anyway makes me look horrible or selfish…trust me I’ve dealt with mother induced guilt over the issue, but I’m still glad we went and got to experience all that we experienced.

Whew that was an awful long segue and I apologize. Just stuff I felt like I had to say…or write somewhere. For reasons.

Epcot at Disney.We had regular tickets and not park hoppers  because this was our first time going I couldn’t see being able to make our way to more than one park in one day.

I’m really glad that we did that because we never woke up as early as we said we would. We hit the parks as soon as we could, stayed out all day and then crawled into bed exhausted. Christmas morning was no exception. We did presents and stockings, ate breakfast filled up our rapid fill cups and headed out…at around 10. I know. It shocked us too. But such is life and life with  tired little ones.

Our first ride was Mission Space. I am a huge weenie when it comes to rides but thankfully the girls take after their daddy. We chose to take the less intense version of the ride “just in case” as I had no idea what the ride was like. (My daughters on the other hand had done tons of research into all of the rides/parks before we even bought the tickets!)

Mission Space was pretty cool. There was a thirty minute wait which didn’t feel like thirty minutes. I really like that Disney does such a good job and making the places where you line up interesting. I have no idea what the more intense version of the actual ride is like but I really liked the one we went on. It’s was something that I would do again.

We went on the Nemo ride and saw a lot of cool characters throughout the park including Alice in WonderlandAlice who was awesome and played with my littlest’s Furby for a good long while and made her day. We saw Jasmine and Aladdin and that was really nice.princess jasmine (Even though Goblin King kept letting me know what a good Jasmine Jasmine was. She was really though, just don’t let him know I agree with him!)

It was Christmas day and it was a big thing for my husband for us to eat at a proper restaurant for dinner. I had read that reservations during this time are hard to get so I did make ours three weeks before the trip. Even that way there weren’t very many spots left that we could eat at around dinnertime on Christmas day. belly dancer at MarakeshWe chose Marrakesh in the Morocco portion of Epcot. I loved it! We showed up about ten minutes early to check in….and it seemed like everyone else did too,lol. (It was pretty packed in the waiting area. That being said we loved the way they orchestrated the dinner service so that everyone in the restaurant seemed to be on their entrée when the belly dancer came out. She was awesome as was our dinner. My husband and daughters chose to have meat but I went with the Vegetarian option which was couscous, garbanzo beans, zucchini and carrots and was one of the best vegetarian dishes I’ve ever had. It was a nice time to spend with one another and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Morocco overall was my favorite spot of Epcot.

On what we didn’t get to do…We did not get to see Mulan or the princess from Frozen.But I had talked to the girls beforehand about it probably not being possible to do everything and they were fine about it. The only thing that I do kind of regret was that we didn’t stay for the fireworks..I know. We were too tired and people were getting too fussy(myself included) We put it to a vote,looked around at the crowds we’d have to walk through in order to get a good spot and just decided not to do it. Maybe some other time? Hopefully. We were happy with our day even without that. We had done a lot of cool stuff that we hadn’t even planned to do like stumbling upon the three caballeros ride and that was fantastic. We couldn’t believe there was a whole ride/restaurant/marketplace inside of a Mayan temple. Belle at Disney WorldWe spent time with Belle, who was also very nice and we had nice chats with the people working inside of the different portions of the park. (My husband even got to talk with other people from England in the British part of the park when he decided he had to put their fish and chips to the test-they were close but not quite there he said.) Epcot was a good introduction to Disneyworld.

Bye bye Epcot




(This is Part Two  of our Christmas trip to Disney World, you can find Part One here. :)

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  1. Awesome, glad you had a great time!
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