I may be a hoarder

I’m not really…I hope. But sometimes I worry that I have hoarder tendencies. I blame my mother, but my dad is worse then she is. My dad actually built a small building in our backyard to hold all his stuff in, my mom’s stuff  just fills up two cabinets to maximum capacity. But let’s focus on mom for now anyway, yes? Yes, I think so.

She collects the cups from drive through restaurants, not the plastic kind the foam ones. When I worked at Schlotzsky’s for two years her collection was absolutely outstanding. I took to throwing these away when she didn’t notice. I threw the straws away in front of her, because reusing straws? Reusing straws is just gross, I won’t stand for it. (Although I hear they make metal straws for this purpose- plastic ones that get bit and or chewed, there’s no amount of washing to make those usable again, sorry mom)

 But I have my own house now and I think I’ve become my mom, honestly. I mean I’m not reusing foam cups(for more then a day) But I made a joke on Twitter once about collecting the plastic cups from Seven Eleven…I wasn’t kidding. This bothers me too, but I like them for a lot of reasons.  I like their size for when I want to drink water, I use some to rinse my kid’s hair out in the bathtub, others are used to hold water when we paint.

Baby wipe containers get a lot of use in our house. They have two maybe three drawers space in the hutch I keep in our kitchen. They organize the kid’s small figurines.

 I like using ice cream containers to store food especially food that I freeze.I had started saving them to use for giving out cookies for Christmas. I planned on painting the outside of them with a cute design first. But then I started using them myself. I may use future ice cream containers the way I first planned…we eat a lot of ice cream.

You know those snack containers? I never buy them but sometimes my sister or my mom will bring my kids a few. Lots of people reuse these, they’re really convenient. I used two in our take on luggage filled with cereals and gold fish. But I keep the little cups that yogurt comes in too. These little cups are good for use with the snack containers or for when you want to give your kids an appropriate amount of candy as opposed to a huge sack to themselves.

So I maybe have hoarder tendencies but it’s not out of hand…yet. I was just brought up to reuse things if I could. I’ll probably start to worry if I start to run out of cabinet space….

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2 Thoughts on “I may be a hoarder

  1. That is the first I have heard of someone saving foam cups! I can’t believe I haven’t seen my grandmother doing that. She saves ziploc bags. She rinses them out and then hangs them over the faucet to dry. I don’t think I’ll give her the foam cup idea. BTW, I don’t think you’re a hoarder. You’re a recycler!

    On another note, I liked your comment on my toilet paper over on Scary Mommy’s site! Your daughter WILL be famous someday due to all the character-building circumstances you put her through! :)

    • :) Thank you, your comment made me happy (um, I kinda do that with ziploc bags too…but I dry them on the girl’s old bottle rack, I only use them to store puzzle pieces and googley eyes though, promise!)

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