Last minute Hand made Christmas gift ideas

I’ve been collecting and trying out a lot of craft projects that I gathered from around the internet with Christmas in mind. Some of these were inspired and some of these were all my own. A lot of them  can be stiched up quick if you still need stocking stuffers or gifts.

1. Felt barrettes-

I made these for the girls to wear for holiday parties:

 and I made these as little gifts:

I was inspired to make them via angry chicken and you’ll get all of the steps for them here.

  2. Felt food-

These are for Gizmo’s play kitchen and I’ve had a lot of fun thinking of different foods to stitch up for her.

This play pizza is my favorite of the group:


3. Scooby doo villians-

The kid saw these felt scooby doo characters made from felt

Source: via Lydia on Pinterest


and asked me to make her a set. It’s something I thought I’d do for one of her Christmas presents but then I found out that my awesome SIL is getting her a set of Scooby doo action figures. I decided that the next best thing would be a set of villians to go with them.

4.Coffee Cozies-

I’ve seen these a couple of different places including here. It’s pretty simple if you make a template from the cardboard sleeves you get from ordering a coffee at Starbucks or any other coffee place. If you follow the link though you can find a template to print out.

5.Pencil toppers-

I saw these babushka pencil toppers  here  and knew I’d want to make pencil toppers of my own:

6. Felt Pin cushions:

I made these to look like a Ho ho and a cinnamon roll. I’m not sure how much I love them but Gizmo saw me making them and wanted them for her play kitchen right away, so I guess they are alright. For the ho ho I traced out circles and then cut enough thinfelt to go around them. I sewed on the bottom using an overcast stitch,  stuffed it and  sewed on the top.    

All of these gift projects are made from felt because lets face it, felt is easy to handstitch and I have to handstitch everything I make.( I don’t have a sewing machine and I don’t really want one. Sewing machines give me heebie jeebies.I’m just extremely accident prone, nuff said. Shudder.) They are also quick to sew- I’d guess that each project took anywhere from an hour to  to a day to make. (The felt food took the longest but was done over a couple weeks in short intervals.)

I’ve also had my eye on these gift ideas:

Peppermint Playdough 

 Box o’Princesses

 Balloon Stress relievers:


See Felt Angry Bird! and 1000′s of others – or share your own on Cut Out + KeepI’m not sure if I I’ll get to those this year but I think they are really neat ideas. Did you make hand made gifts this year? I’d love to see them!

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