Make your Own: Snowman Window Stickers

Do you remember the Montessori shapes that didn’t turn out and ended up being recarnated as window stickers?

Okay, well I’ve made more of these with winter in mind. Here are our foam snowman window stickers.


Actually these are the stickers in pieces. You dip them in water and then just press them onto a clean(ish) window and they stick. I got the idea of using craft foam in this way from Imagination Tree and I love it!

  When Gizmo or the Kid put these together they look more like this:

I just cut circles of of white foam board and also a few hats and painted them using acrylic paint. As long as you let them dry completely before use they are pretty steadfast. If you get antsy and don’t let them dry you end up with a melting snowman:

After I had made these up I ran across some colored foam at the dollar store and I made a few accessories from that as well without using paint. The snowmen are double sided which means that the kids have more options on which faces or buttons to use and it also means that the snowmen can be viewed through the window. (Which I kind of think is neat.) If you do not what to use acrylic paint with these sharpies would work as well. They come in a lot of different colors too so you wouldn’t be limited at all if you went that route. I keep these in a large ziploc bag and Gizmo pulls them out whenever she wants to make snowman. We live in  Texas so this is probably as close to making a snowman as she’s going to get! I think these could be a cute stocking stuffer and they don’t take long to make at all, so that’s a plus.    

(One last picture of the snowman on our table because I know the window view wasn’t as hot as it could be.)

Happy Crafting!

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