Our Disney World Vacation(Part one)

We were at Disney World this year during Christmas and it was pretty fantastic.

I have to say that because you have no idea how I stress over things…even potentially good things until after the fact. We had a trip to Disneyworld coming up, a place where I’ve wanted to go since I was like seven or something,and all I could focus on beforehand were the things that might go wrong.

I know, horrible, but it’s who I am. My husband reserved our room at The All-Star Movie resorts months before our actual trip and paid for half of the balance that would be due. I worried that the reservation would somehow be lost between that time and the time when we showed up to check in and pay the remaining balance.

Even after we got our magic bands in the mail I stressed over this.


Can I just say that Magic Bands are an awesome thing?

Can I just say that Magic Bands are an awesome thing?


But I shouldn’t have and of course it all turned out fine in the end. We’ve taken a lot of road trips using an atlas and handwritten directions from the internet before, including the one we took to Vegas earlier last year. I know it’s possible to do it that way but I did not want to do that this time. A trip where I am the sole navigator? Is always something  that  always stresses me out too. So, when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said point blank, a GPS and I want it before we take our Florida trip!

It was one less thing to worry about and it made me happy- although I should let it be known that my husband still wrote down his own directions and argued with Bonnie our GPS the whole time we were in the car.

Our trip went really good though. It was a super long drive from central Texas to Orlando, Florida but we were able to stop along the way a lot so it wasn’t crazy hard to do.

We even got to see forests and beaches on the way up there and the way back.love of oceans I think there are road trip people and people who can’t stand to be in a car that long. Our family are definitely road trip people. We use the trips as a chance to discover new places and the people from those places in a way I don’t think we’d get to do if we flew. We discovered new things about ourselves as well. Like if you tell my kids we’re in Alabama they start singing Sweet Home Alabama at the top of their lungs. (Trust me if I had known that was going to happen I might’ve been prepared and taped the experience, you’ll have to trust me it was great.)I also learned that now that’s she’s older my oldest daughter has hawk eyes when it comes to speeding, if my husband ever went over by 5 miles per hour, she let him know right away.

There was a bunch of cool rest stops when we got into Florida that were in the middle of these really tall pine trees.

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It was a perfect chance for the girls to get off the car, have a picnic and run around as much as possible. We loved finding surprises like this! I  packed stuff for lots of picnics along the way. It’s a way to ensure we don’t eat more junk food than we have to. It was a vacation so yes, there’s always  a little junk but we try to keep it at a minimum. Plus, we like picnics and it’s a good way to curb traveling expenses too.

It was a pretty long trip though and besides picnic lunches I made sure to have lots of snacks and notebooks handy for the girls as well as charging my Ipod every chance I got.

When we finally got to our resort we were greeted by a Mickey Mouse towel on one of the beds. micky mouse towel

My husband took a picture of it as soon as he saw it as well as a picture of the little Mickey shampoo and soaps and I kidded him that he should be a blogger.(He seriously should though.) We unpacked and then headed out to Downtown Disney, taking full advantage of the buses that shuttle guests from the hotels to the parks and the downtown Disney location. It was after three so we thought it would be best to save our park tickets for a full day as opposed to going there right away.

Downtown Disney was pretty neat but overwhelming on it’s own. We were tired from driving and the place was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It also started turning cold on us. When we had gotten there it was warm enough to go out with out jackets so I had just brought along sweaters. It was way too cold to stay out too late just like that. I didn’t get to find Babycakes :( or Pop gallery but my daughter did get the mickey ears she had been longing for since we walked into our hotel. A very helpful thing for us was that  because it was Christmas we had asked that the girls be given spending money in lieu of presents so they were able to get whatever they wanted from the parks during our stay. They also both had birthday money so they made out really well. (And I realized that I should have packed less on the way home so that we’d have room for everything they bought!) build a dinoWhile we were at Downtown Disney the girls also made a build-a-dino from the T-Rex restaurant/shop. Build a dinoThis was a really fun experience and the girls were excited to do this as we don’t have build-a-bear here where we live. We also had fun checking out the giant Lego sculptures which were very impressive.Lego dragon Like I said, we didn’t stay out too long,we got back to the hotel and got some sleep because the next day would be all about Christmas and checking out Epcot!

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