The #tinkersketch challenge

I love to paint and draw and just doodle- but sometimes I can go ages without doing any of those things! As someone who at least drew once a day in my youth that strikes me as odd, but it’s what happens sometimes I guess. Life is always going to say that there are other more important things  you could be doing with extra time  instead- but life is wrong. (Mostly that extra time gets soaked up on facebook  anyway,right? )

I made the decision to fit Art into my life on a more regular basis though this year, it was actually one of my New Year’s Eve resolutions. I’ve not been as good at following through with that as I’d like to be but I’m trying!

I saw the tinkerlab post on trying to create a two page sketchbook, or DPS,  every day and I got excited about it. And then I did nothing while I waited til I could go buy a sketchbook for the challenge.

This is insane because I know as well as the next person that you don’t need to have a proper sketchbook to do artwork. When I was growing up I even altered one of my big sister’s romance novels when I wanted a sketchbook, sewing the pages together and then covering most of the words  with white paint- and that worked out great. (Besides having a sister who was a little bit miffed at me for a while I mean.C’mon though- did she expect me to ruin one of my books? Some people. )

I started my DPS challenge yesterday and I didn’t even have to look far to find something I could use.

My husband gave me a journal for Christmas and up to now I’ve just been filling it with recipes I may someday try and notes for a book I’m thinking about actually writing someday. Have I mentioned that I procrastinate much?

It works out great for getting me to create daily and also takes away from that terror I sometimes get when staring at a nice blank sketchbook page. I’m not going for perfection or anything that even has to last- I’m just trying to reclaim a a part of me that’s important to me and showing the girls an example of how creativity is an awesome thing to take part in daily. I mean that get that from their daddy, but now I’m making a contribution in that direction as well.

If you’d like to join us as we work on our DPS challenge, you absolutely should! Just hop over to Rachelle’s website, tinkerlab and read up on it. She’s offering prompts if you need them and all lots are already participating. It’s been great feeling the excitement that everyone seems to share for the project- it’s definitely inspiring.

Yesterday's DPS


Gizmo working on her own drawing while I worked on mine
I also got permission to show Gizmo's picture. And by permission I mean that she she asked,"Why you want to put that there?" and walked off.
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  1. I’m so glad that you’re participating in this challenge!! You make a great point that it’s easy to put the things off when we’re waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to make them happen…and then they almost never do. I love seeing your book and Gizmo’s — the focus on her face is a wonderful capture. Off to share your experience on Facebook :)


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