Tissue Paper Stained Glass for Easter

I have got to start letting my husband come up with my titles….or writing these posts when I’m more awake,one of those two. ;)

We’ve used this technique before here, but I wanted to change things up a little for Easter.

Materials Needed:

Glue (we used homemade but any water based glue would work)

Tissue Gift Paper


Sharpie Marker

Plastic Shopping Bag


I cut a plastic shopping bag in half and taped each half to our table.(One for each of my littles.)

I then drew  an egg on one bag (for Gizmo) and a bunny on an another (for the Kid  as she wasn’t feeling eggy )with a sharpie marker.

I had the girls cover the plastic with glue, using a paintbrush. (I even had to have a go at making one myself.)

I had set out a large tub of tissue paper squares in various sizes, but you could also let a child tear or cut these themselves.

The kids added the tissue paper squares wherever they wanted to on their plastic bag templates. *This is pretty fail-safe, so do not worry if you or your child go over the template, you will cut out the shape later! If your tissue tears while your child is dabbing the glue on top just patch it up with one of your tissue squares…trust me it works fine.



When they had finished adding the squares they wanted we covered the whole thing  with a larger piece of tissue paper and then brushed more glue on top of this.

We let this dry for about two hours and then I was able to easily peel their tissue paper art off.

my egg, now dry. See how the marker bled through? I'm probably the only one who finds this cool...

The sharpie bleeds itself onto the tissue paper and this makes it very easy to cut out the shape that has been drawn on the plastic bag.

We’ve hung these up on our window using a few pieces of tape and plan on making many more for Easter.

This is a great way to re-use any tissue gift wrap that you’ve received with a present, especially if it’s too crumbled to use in wrapping another present.

Side note: You may have noticed that his post is very Littles free, this is because when Gizmo did the craft while her sis was at school….I forgot to take pictures until after she had finished (bloggy fail) and because I almost forgot again when the Kid did hers after school.

I only managed to get this shot of her bolting from the table when Gizmo called her to play. Oh well-c’est la vie right? :)

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